Smart Gardening

Simply clever gardening

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO clevere Gartenarbeit

AL-KO Smart Garden: Our vision for your beautiful garden

Well thought-out and intelligent solutions that make your gardening work easier - now and in the future.

For many people, their own garden is an expression of quality of life and an ideal retreat from hectic everyday life. Gardening brings a lot of joy - all the more beautiful when it is made easier and more effortless by "thinking" solutions. This is the vision of our Smart Garden concept: your garden in all its splendour and the joy of gardening without unnecessary effort. We have always developed our gardening tools with a high degree of care, creativity, technical perfection and thinking ahead for you. With AL-KO Smart Garden we now go one step further and combine our clever gardening tools to create intelligent overall solutions for your beautiful garden.

With the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App and our Smart Cloud you can, for example, easily optimise processes, automate procedures in a sensible way, operate compatible devices such as the Robolinho® W from anywhere and obtain useful information about your equipment and your garden. This not only saves effort and resources, but also your valuable time. On the following pages you will find out exactly how this works. For a simply beautiful garden. Simply smart!

Simple smart gardening with Robolinho® W

In 3 steps to the perfect garden

Smart Gardening DE | Einfache Gartenarbeit mit dem AL-KO Robolinho

1. Download AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App and start linking assistant

2. Robolinho® personalisation

3. Enter WLAN data - the connection to the home WLAN and the AL-KO Smart Cloud are now established. And here we go!

Use the full digital power of our clever power package - quite simply with the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App and our Smart Cloud. The most important features at a glance:

Smart Gardening DE | Spitzname

Give a nickname

Add Robolinho® W in the app and give it a "nickname" - our favourites for inspiration: Robby, Sir Chopolot, Noah the Mowah or Snippy.

Smart Gardening DE | Sprachsteuerung

Voice control*

Control your Robolinho® "hands-free" via its "nickname", add it to groups and routines, query its status and comfortably configure e.g. mowing times by voice command.

* Connection to AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening DE | Konfigurieren und Bedienen

Configure & Operate

Operate Robolinho® W easily via app, from anywhere, and easily configure mowing time windows, rain sensor, eco mode, starting points and more.

Smart Gardening DE | Service und Reparatur

Smarter Service & Repair*

Error reports of the Robolinho® W can be sent via App to the dealer to receive "remote" support (comparable to the read out with error memory on auto).

* Connection to AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO Robolinho teilen

Robolinho® "share "*

For example, when you are on holiday or for maintenance, you can use your Robolinho® W share" with family, neighbours or your dealer, i.e. virtual Assign access to the device.

* Connection to AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App

Always informed

Robolinho® W reports its status to the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App and provides direct assistance if an intervention is necessary - if desired also by push message (connection to AL-KO Smart Cloud required).

Smart Gardening DE | Verknüpfen mit smarten Geräten


With IF THIS THEN THAT (IFTTT) it is easy to link with other devices and link, automate and control services - also For example: Synchronise Robolinho® across services Activities with any IFTTT services, e.g. with the weather service (does not mow in storms), with an irrigation service (mows only when is not watered) or with sensors such as camera/presence detector (does not mow when someone is on the terrace). Or follow the activities of your Robolinho® in your online calendar.

* Connection to AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening DE | Updates

Updates: Always up to date*

Keep your Robolinho® W always up-to-date with our software updates up-to-date and benefit from new and improved features.

* Connection to AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening DE | Sicherheit

With security into the future

You can rely on this: The data transmission between Robolinho® W, the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App and the AL-KO Smart Cloud is absolutely secure and is done according to the highest legal Data protection standards. All data is transmitted encrypted, the Cloud data is hosted in Europe. None of the AL-KO garden tools is equipped with a camera or microphone - your home stays safe and protected.

Smart Gardening DE | Neues Feature

Coming soon

Now your Robolinho® W can be integrated into Google Home / Assistant and can be configured, operated and checked for status just like Amazon Alexa.

Robolinho®, take a break now!

Hands free for the important things in life

<br><h2>Robolinho®, mach jetzt Pause!</h2><h3>Hände frei für die wichtigen Dinge im Leben</h3>

In many situations we have our hands full or it simply too busy - how practical that the industrious Robolinho® W can be completely operated simply by voice command via Amazon Alexa. Mow the lawn, take a break, go to the base station and more on call - these and many further voice commands support you in everyday life. So there is more time for the essentials.

Alexa, ask AL-KO how Robolinho® is doing
General status query
Your Robolinho® is doing very well, it has 72 percent battery charge,
he is currently mowing, his current working time is still 37 minutes.
General status query
Alexa, tell AL-KO that Robolinho® has now finished work.
Robolinho® is sent into the evening.
Alexa, tell AL-KO that Robolinho® should start now / he should take a break.
Robolinho® has started/stopped.
Alexa, tell AL-KO that Robolinho® should mow for two hours on Mondays at 10 am.
Set mowing window
Mowing window set for Monday at 10 am for 120 minutes.
Set mowing window

Smart gardening with the AL-KO inTouch smart Garden App

A must-have for every garden owner

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO inTouch App

From 2020 even more features and smart support for your garden work:

Smart Gardening DE | Barcode scannen

AL-KO Add device in the app

To add, simply copy the barcodes on the cardboard sticker and the Scan your purchase receipt via the inTOUCH app - the smart way to Product registration

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO Gartenpflegetipps

Garden Care Tips

Smart Gardening DE | FAQ

Direct display of device-specific FAQs on the product

Smart Gardening DE | Einfacher Zugriff auf AL-KO Webshop

Easy access to AL-KO Webshop

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO Pflege- und Anwendungstipps

Specific care & application tips for the device

Smart Gardening DE | AL-KO Zubehör und Ersatzteile

Fast finding of suitable accessories and spare parts


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